What is BSI Padling

BSI Padling is a sea and whitewater kayak club for both students and non-students. The members are very active throughout the year, and the club arrange activities and courses outdoors from April to November and sometimes pool sessions in winter time. Sea trips take place from the clubhouse in Breiviken on Tuesdays and Thursdays, technique sessions are held on Wednesdays and there are some weekend trips out of the city. The whitewater paddlers head inland to find some of the best whitewater in Europe and do technique sessions in the sea at the clubhouse.

Members can use club kayaks for free at club activities. When you are a club member you can borrow kayak equipment (kayak, wet suit, paddle, PFD (personal flotation device), shoes and paddle jacket) at club arrangements and for personal use for short durations (see https://bsipadling.no/utlan-av-klubbutstyr/). You do not have to buy any equipment unless you want to. Dry suit may be required for some of the earlier activities in the year due to cold water temperature (dry suits are personal equipment and are not supplied by the club). It is requried that members have the basic kayak paddling courses (“Våttkort”), these courses are also offered by the club.

How to be a member

  • Registrer on the website MinIdrett (https://minidrett.nif.no/) and send membership application form there. You can download the instructions how to proceed via the Minnidrett website here >>ENGLISH<<
  • If you are a student, send a copy of your student card and confirmation about the tuition payment by email to Kassereren.

More info about membership can be found on the BLI MEDLEM, for the moment in Norwegian only. For costs see this link.


We are situated in Breiviken 3B.
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E-mail the club at info@bsipadling.no if you have any questions.

Or if you have a specific question you can e-mail

Chairperson: leder@bsipadling.no

Vice Chairperson: nestleder@bsipadling.no

Treasurer: kasserer@bsipadling.no

About paddling

White water courses and pool sessions: elv@bsipadling.no

Sea kayak courses: havkurs@bsipadling.no

Tuesday and Thursday padling: fastpadling@bsipadling.no

Trips and other arrangements: tur@bsipadling.no

About equipment and the clubhouse

Kayak storage: kajakkplass@bsipadling.no

SMS key: kajakkplass@bsipadling.no

Use of clubhouse: klubbhus@bsipadling.no

Use of kayak trailer: kajakkplass@bsipadling.no

White water equipment: elv@bsipadling.no

Sea kayak equipment: havmateriell@bsipadling.no

Click here (in Norwegian only) if you want to get in contact with a particular member of the committee.

Mailing list:

The club has two mailing lists. Sea kayak (“Hav”) and whitewater (“Elv”). If you want information about activities in the club, sign up on one or both of the lists (you can unsubscribe from these lists at any time). Important information from the committee will be sent to both lists.
Click here to sign up (in Norwegian).


The club has activities for our members almost all year round, sometimes also through winter (drysuits required to participate).

Kayak courses

BSI Padling offers kayak courses for sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. Course descriptions and information are in Norwegian only but don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Training and weekend trips

From April to November the club has activities several days a week and occasional weekend trips. Most weekday activities start from the clubhouse in Breiviken and have a duration of two to three hours starting at 18:00. On Tuesdays (“tirsdagspadling”) the length and speed of the training require some experience while on Thursdays (“torsdagspadling”) everybody with membership is welcome, and some Thursdays are “play days” with a focus on fun and socializing afterwards.